Weather-Related Detours for Tuesday, January 17:

6:15 AM: Due to icy conditions, there is a change in this morning's Express route bulletin. Express Routes 105, 134, 157, 190 and 199 will provide service only to the MAX railhead at Delta Park. Routes 164 and 177 will serve the MAX railhead at Parkrose.

5:00 AM:

  • All Express routes will operate normally. If freezing rain sets in, please check C-TRAN's website and Twitter for real-time-information about the afternoon commute.
  • Routes 2, 9 and 19 are on snow routes. (Snow route maps: Roue 2Route 9Route 19)
  • Route 32 is not serving the Hazel Dell portion of the route; no service between 63rd Avenue and Main Street.
  • Route 47 is not serving Yacolt.
  • Route 92 is not serving Addy Loop.
  • All Connector service is suspended.
  • The Vine will be served by 40-foot buses. Buses will stop at the nearest safe location adjacent to platforms. Turtle Place is closed, so passengers should board at Washington & 12th or Broadway & 12th.
  • C-VAN has been placed back on red alert, meaning only life-sustaining trips will be taken.

Safety and Security


Every C-TRAN bus, van and vehicle is also a SafeWatch vehicle with instant access to emergency help. For you, that means a safe-house on wheels; just flag down a C-TRAN vehicle if you need help. Since SafeWatch has been in effect, C-TRAN employees have reported accidents and burglaries, provided information on runaways and helped with lost children.

See Something/Say Something

As part of a national campaign that promotes security on transit, C-TRAN has produced the See Something/Say Something brochure in cooperation with The City of Vancouver, The Vancouver Police Department, and The Esther Short Neighborhood Association. It has been widely distributed to local Vancouver neighborhoods, and enlists the help of all citizens to make their communities safer. If you would like copies of this brochure, please call (360) 696-4494.

See Something/Say Something Brochure


After 8:00 p.m., passengers who are traveling alone can request that their driver stop anywhere along their bus route, where safety allows. This program is extended into daylight hours during adverse weather situations such as snow and ice, or other emergency situations.

Surveillance Cameras

Most C-TRAN buses and transit centers have surveillance cameras for your added safety and security. Your picture and voice may be recorded while you are riding a C-TRAN vehicle.

Roaming Supervisors and Security Officers

C-TRAN's supervisors and security officers roam our transit service area to provide an additional security presence and to help if needed.

Radio Communication

All C-TRAN coach operators and supervisors have direct access to the C-TRAN dispatch center. C-TRAN dispatchers will immediately contact the 911 emergency call center if police, fire, or EMS assistance is needed.

Get there safely when using C-TRAN

Don't chase after a bus. Never run after a bus, or alongside a bus. They may not be able to see you, and you could be putting yourself and others at serious risk by distracting the driver. Drivers turn their attention to the road and traffic once the bus is moving and are not permitted to stop and pick you up outside a bus stop.

Look up for safety. Be aware of what’s going on around you, especially when you are crossing the street. Make sure drivers see you.

More safety tips when riding C-TRAN

  • Do not cross in front of a C-TRAN bus at a bus stop. Wait until the bus leaves the stop, and then cross carefully.
  • Please allow passengers to exit the bus before you board.
  • If you are standing in the bus, hang onto the handrails provided in the event the bus makes a quick stop.
  • On crowded buses, please move to the back of the bus to make room for others.
  • Electronic devices can make you a greater target for theft or assault, so be watchful.