Vanpool Fares

How to Calculate Your Fare

Fares are based upon two factors: 1) the operating cost of the van, and 2) the assigned portion of fixed administrative costs.

C-TRAN includes the cost of fuel in your monthly lease based upon miles traveled and the anticipated annual average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. This means that some months the price of fuel charged by C-TRAN will be higher than market price, but some months it will also be lower. Our goal is the money collected for fuel roughly equals what is spent on fuel each year. C-TRAN will issue these vanpools a credit card to use to purchase fuel. This allows vanpool groups to have the convenience of a steady fare with pre-paid fuel.

Note: To calculate each individual rider's rate, divide the total rate by the number of passengers in your vanpool:

Download 2017 Vanpool Rates for 7 and 12 Passenger Vans