What is Vanpool?

Vanpool is a group of five to twelve people who commute together in a comfortable passenger van. C-TRAN owns, maintains, manages, insures and licenses a fleet of vans which are assigned to commuter groups and driven by volunteers who share the commute. Vanpool riders pay a low monthly fare, based on the number of miles traveled and number of riders. 

Who is eligible?

The commute taken by the vanpool must be at least 10 miles in each direction, and must start and/or end in C-TRAN’s service area. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Washington or Oregon resident because our goal is to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles traveling within our service area.

How does it work?

You need at least five commuters to start;

  • Each vanpool must have a bookkeeper and at least two drivers. We must approve and train drivers before they operate the vanpool vehicle; so, some vanpools let the primary driver ride for free, in exchange for handling the driving and all the bookkeeping.
  • Vanpool passengers pay a low monthly fare based on the round trip commute mileage, number of days the van is used per week, and the number of riders in the van. Fares cover fuel, insurance, and maintenance. The vanpool group creates its own rules, such as pick-up and drop-off locations and the commute schedule.
  • You pay your fare in advance to reserve your seat, but members can ride fewer than five days a week and still belong to the vanpool.
  • If an emergency arises while you’re at work, vanpoolers are eligible for a free taxi ride home, covered by your employer or C-TRAN.



Vanpooling helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road and cuts down on carbon emissions! Other benefits include:

  • Saving money on gas, maintenance, insurance, parking, and wear and tear on your vehicle; and, if your employer offers transportation subsidies, you’ll save even more.
  • Saving time and stressing less when you zoom past traffic using the HOV lane. You may also be eligible for preferred parking at your work site;
  • Insurance discounts! Many insurance companies offer discounts for people who take transit or vanpool;
  • If you're simply a vanpool passenger, you can get a head start on your work day by catching up on some reading, or grabbing a few more minutes of sleep. It can help you unwind after a busy day and gets you home relaxed and refreshed.