December will be the last month anyone will be able to buy a paper pass from their local Fred Meyer or Safeway store.

This is part of the transition to our new electronic fare payment system called Hop Fastpass™. Instead, riders can load value onto their Hop Fastpass™ cards conveniently at the checkout lane in Safeway, Fred Meyer Customer Service counters, C-TRAN Customer Service offices, online at, or by calling 1-844-695-6722. Hop is also available from several hundred other locations throughout the region.

To help our riders through this transition, C-TRAN is giving away FREE Hop cards for a limited time at our Vancouver Mall and Fisher’s Landing Customer Service offices, otherwise Hop cards cost $3 when purchased from other sales outlets. As always, cash is still an accepted form of payment on all buses.

For information about Hop including where to buy, how to use, how to register, how to load money and all the great benefits it offers – including loss/theft protection – please visit or call 1-844-694-6722.

IMPORTANT NOTE: January is the last month anyone can buy a paper pass from our C-TRAN Customer Service offices before those sales are discontinued. So hurry and get your FREE Hop card as soon as possible. This does NOT affect C-VAN or Reduced passes, which will continue to be sold from our offices.