Beginning Monday, March 15, larger 60-foot articulated began serving Route 37 to increase the number of seats available and improve distancing among passengers.

At some locations, the use of 60-foot buses may require passengers to board a short distance away from the stop to accommodate the larger vehicle. Passengers should still wait at the stop until the bus arrives. The following stops may use an alternate boarding location:

  • Stop ID 1200: Mill Plain and Devine Road eastbound
  • Stop ID 1202: Mill Plain at 6600 block eastbound
  • Stop ID 1219: Mill Plain and Chkalov Drive eastbound
  • Stop ID 1242: Mill Plain and Morrison Road westbound (seat has moved; board at stop)
  • Stop ID 1251: Mill Plain and Grand Boulevard westbound
  • Stop ID 1281: 164th Avenue at 2100 block southbound
  • Stop ID 1310: 164th Avenue at 900 block southbound
  • Stop ID 1311: Mill Plain and Olympia Drive westbound (sign post has moved; board at stop)
  • Stop ID 1320: Mill Plain and 164th Avenue westbound
  • Stop ID 2116: Mill Plain and Devine Road westbound
  • Stop ID 2156: 164th Avenue and 12th Street southbound
  • Stop ID 6079: 192nd Avenue and Mill Plain southbound
  • Stop ID 6087: 34th Street and 172nd Avenue eastbound (sign post has moved; board at stop)
  • Stop ID 6088: 34th Street and 176th Avenue eastbound (sign post has moved; board at stop)
  • Stop ID 6090: 34th Street and 189th Avenue eastbound (for wheelchair ramp, board through middle door)

At Fisher’s Landing Transit Center, Route 37 and Route 164 buses have switched boarding locations on the south side of the platform to accommodate the change in vehicles. Passengers should pay attention to the bus head sign display to make sure they board the correct bus traveling via 164th Avenue or 192nd Avenue.

Additional information is posted at the affected stops and facilities. At all other stops, passengers will board at the normal location. On trips served by a 60-foot bus, riders should board through the front door, and exit through the middle door. Those using wheelchairs or mobility devices may board through the front door or middle door depending on location.

Two 60-foot articulated buses are currently in rotation on Route 37. They will not cover every trip. Most Route 37 trips will still be served by regular 40-foot buses.

For questions or trip planning assistance, please call C-TRAN at 360-695-0123.