Snow and Ice Safety

During inclement weather, all C-TRAN routes will likely be delayed. Please plan ahead and remember these important safety tips before venturing out:

  • Wear extra warm clothing. Buses may be delayed or your snow route may require a longer walk than usual to reach the closest stop.
  • Wear or carry something reflective so your driver can see you. Consider using a flashlight to make yourself more visible.
  • Stay on the curb. Buses may slide before coming to a complete stop.
  • SafeStop—during inclement weather, passengers may request a stop anywhere along their route as safety allows.

Designated Snow Routes

The following routes may be on designated snow routes during inclement weather:

Snow Ice Brochure Cover 2021 2022

For complete route detour and suspension information, download a PDF of C-TRAN's most recent Snow & Ice Brochure, plus get some helpful tips for planning your trip during bad weather.

Brochures are also available on your bus or from the C-TRAN Customer Service Office at Vancouver Mall Transit Center. For questions or trip planning assistance, please call 360-695-0123.

Using The Vine During Adverse Weather Events

During adverse conditions, The Vine may be served by regular 40-foot buses. Look for the signs shown below near each Vine station to indicate where you should wait for your bus to arrive.

Vine Sign2
The Vine adverse weather sign

We appreciate your patience!