FREE Shuttles to Fourth of July Fireworks on Monday, July 4

C-TRAN is providing free shuttle service to this year’s Independence Day at Fort Vancouver presented by Bank of America on Monday, July 4. C-TRAN shuttles will provide service from the north side of Vancouver Mall to the Independence Day celebration at Fort Vancouver, at least every 15 minutes between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm Passengers are returned to the mall immediately following the fireworks event.

$1 off Gate Admission for Riding

As a special thank you for riding C-TRAN to the fireworks, shuttle passengers will also receive a coupon good for $1 off gate admission at the Fort. This offer can only be redeemed at North Gate #2, closest to the C-TRAN drop-off/pick-up location.

For questions, or trip planning assistance, please call C-TRAN Passenger Service at (360) 695-0123.

Holiday Service: Monday, July 4

In honor of Independence Day, C-TRAN will offer the following service levels on Monday, July 4:

  • Buses operate on Sunday/Holiday schedules (If your bus does not normally operate on Sundays, it will not provide service on this day.)
  • Call Center OPEN; 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Administration Office closed
  • Customer Service offices closed

Holiday and Reduced service schedules are available online and on your bus. If you need additional information or help planning your trip, please call C-TRAN’s Call Center at (360) 695-0123.

Next Service Change is September 4, 2016

With the adoption of the service change proposal by the C-TRAN Board of Directors on May 10, C-TRAN has taken a system-wide approach to improving service after a four-month long outreach process. Public involvement helped modify many of the ideas that started out as concepts into changes that will benefit our riding public. There is still much to do in locating bus stops and developing schedules, but this work will be completed by September 4, 2016, when the changes take effect. One note: the new Route 73 will not begin service until the opening of the new transit center at Vancouver Mall.

  • Route 2 Lincoln will shift west to operate on Kauffman Avenue.
  • Route 3 City Center will be replaced with Route 6 Fruit Valley/Grand. Other routes will adjust to serve other parts of the existing Route 3.
  • Route 4 Fourth Plain will provide a shortened version of its current route until The Vine starts service. Routing will be limited between downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Mall.
  • Route 6 Fruit Valley/Grand is a new route that will operate on western Fourth Plain Boulevard, connecting Fruit Valley with the VA Hospital and The Vine, providing a single-seat ride to grocery shopping at Walmart and Fred Meyer on Grand Avenue.
  • Route 7 Battle Ground will no longer serve Five Corners but will remain on SR 503 to Fourth Plain Boulevard. This change provides faster trips between Vancouver Mall and Battle Ground.
  • Route 19 Salmon Creek will have Sunday service added and serve the WSU-Vancouver campus from 29th Avenue to allow service to medical clinics on 20th Avenue.
  • Route 25 St. Johns will end at Clark County offices in downtown Vancouver and will be streamlined by using 99th Street in the northern portion of the route. This improves connectivity with other routes.
  • Route 30 Burton will travel on Washington starting at McLoughlin in downtown Vancouver.
  • Route 32 Hazel Dell & Evergreen/Andresen will travel on Washington starting at McLoughlin in downtown Vancouver.
  • Routes 37 Mill Plain/164th & 38 Mill Plain/192nd will travel down 192nd Avenue and use 34th Street to reach Fisher’s Landing Transit Center. This allows for better connections with other routes. Route 37 and 38 will be combined into one Route 37 serving 164th Avenue and 192nd Avenue on alternating trips.
  • Route 39 VA/Rose Village will shift west, using 33rd Street, to extend into downtown Vancouver. Route will end at Stapleton Road and Fourth Plain Boulevard. Areas further east will be served by Route 37, operating on Mill Plain Boulevard.
  • Route 44 Fourth Plain Limited will be replaced, east of Vancouver Mall, by new Route 74 which will provide service between Vancouver Mall and 164th Avenue. Remaining westbound service will be provided by Route 4 and later by The Vine.
  • Route 60 Delta Park is a new route that will connect downtown Vancouver with Jantzen Beach and Delta Park, as part of the design process for The Vine. Service to Jantzen Beach will be limited to once per round trip to speed travel to and from the Delta Park MAX Station.
  • Route 72 Orchards will be modified to serve Five Corners and no longer operate on Fourth Plain Boulevard.
  • Route 73 Van Mall Loop is a new route created to provide service to the north side of the mall. No fare will be charged on this route. Service will not begin until the opening of the new Van Mall Transit Center.
  • Route 74 East Fourth Plain is a new route created to replace the eastern portion of Route 44. It will turn around at 162nd Avenue.
  • Route 80 Van Mall/Fisher’s will extend further to better serve Cascade Park by staying on 136th Avenue in place of Park Crest Avenue.
  • Route 105 I-5 Express will travel on Washington starting at 15th Street in downtown Vancouver. 

Dump the Pump for Transit!

Ride C-TRAN for FREE on June 16

C-TRAN is celebrating National Dump the Pump Day on June 16 by offering free rides all day. The C-TRAN Board of Directors approved free rides as a risk-free opportunity for non-riders to try transit and make the switch. C-TRAN staff will be out early that morning at several transit centers with special treats as a way to say “thank you” to those who already choose to ride and make a difference every day.

Challenge your friends to Dump the Pump on June 16!