Service Change is September 4, 2016

The following service changes are planned to take effect on Sunday, September 4, 2016:

Route 2 Lincoln

  • Route to use Kauffman instead of Columbia
  • Minor reroute in downtown Vancouver

Route 3 City Center: Discontinued

  • New Route 6, and modified Route 39 replaces portions of Route 3

Route 4 Fourth Plain

  • No longer crosses Interstate Bridge
  • Minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver
  • Uses McLoughlin and Fort Vancouver Way instead of Fourth Plain, west of Fort Vancouver Way

Route 6 Fruit Valley/Grand: New

  • Replaces portions of Route 25 in Fruit Valley and Route 3 near Grand Central
  • Service every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 60 minutes Saturday and Sunday

Route 7 Battle Ground

  • Rerouted from 76th Street to use 117th Avenue, between 76th Street and Fourth Plain

Route 9: No Change

Route 19 Salmon Creek

  • Rerouted to serve 20th Avenue via 159th Street
  • Serves Washington State University Vancouver at the edge of its campus
  • Service extends to Saturday and Sunday
  • Combines with Route 25 Saturday and Sunday with service every 60 minutes

Route 25

  • No longer serves Fruit Valley
  • Rerouted off NE 25th Avenue and operates on NE 99th Street instead of NE 88th Street
  • New routing in downtown Vancouver
  • Saturday and Sunday service combined with Route 19 with 60-minute frequency

Routes 30

  • Minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver

Route 32

  • Minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver

Route 37

  • Alternating trips travel along 192nd Avenue and 34th Street to and from Fisher’s Landing
  • Minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver
  • Fifteen minute frequency on weekdays, 20 minutes on Saturdays, and 30 minutes on Sundays

Route 38: Discontinued

Route 39

  • Stops at Plomondon and Stapleton
  • Serves 33rd Street and downtown Vancouver
  • Uses Columbia southbound, between 33rd and 6th
  • Service extended to Saturday and Sunday with 60 minute frequency all days

Route 41: No Change

Route 44: Discontinued

  • New Route 74, along with modified Route 72, replaces portions of Route 44

Route 47: No Change

Route 60: New Route

  • Provides service between downtown Vancouver and Delta Park
  • Stops at Jantzen Beach northbound in the mornings, and southbound in the afternoon/evenings
  • 15-minute frequency most of the day, with 30-minute frequency late night weekdays, and 30 minutes early morning/late night weekends

Route 65

  • Three earlier trips added

Route 71: No Change

Route 72

  • Rerouted to serve Five Corners area
  • Frequency is every 30 minutes during the peak and every 60 minutes Saturday and Sunday

Route 74: New Route

  • Replaces portion of Route 44, east of Vancouver Mall
  • Frequency is every 60 minutes

Route 78: No Change

Route 80

  • Rerouted from Park Crest to 136th Avenue and McGillivary Boulevard

Route 92

  • Minor adjustment made to last three trips on Saturday

Route 105

  • Minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver

Route 134: No Change

Route 157: No Change

Route 164: No Change

Route 177: No Change

Route 190: No Change

Route 199:  No Change

Camas Connector: No Change

Ridgefield/La Center Connector: No Change

Other: Downtown Vancouver routing realigned from southbound Broadway to Washington, south of McLoughlin

Fare Changes for September 1, 2016

Honored and Youth fare changes:

  • C-Zone monthly pass decreases from $30 to $28.
  • All Zone/Regional monthly pass decreases from $34 to $28.
  • All Zone/Regional day pass increases from $2 to $2.50.

Express Buses:

  • All Express buses will now require an Express fare regardless of where travel occurs. This includes Route 105 between 99th Street Transit Center and downtown Vancouver.

Definition of Youth changes from 7–18 years of age to 7–17 years of age.

Local Routes and C-VAN Vehicles that Cross the Columbia River

  • Fares increase from C-Zone to All Zone/Regional fares.
  • Please note that Route 47 will continue to use C-Zone fares temporarily until further outreach is completed.

Change in Paper Schedule Availability

Starting with this service change, C-TRAN will only offer Rider’s Digests. No more individual schedules/route maps will be available. For a limited time, Rider’s Digests will be available for free.

The Clark County Fair—Summer’s Best Party!

General Event Shuttle Information • August 5–14, 2016

Beginning Friday, August 5 through Sunday, August 14, C-TRAN provides shuttle service to the Clark County Fair from the following locations:

Beginning Friday, August 7 through Sunday, August 16, C-TRAN provides shuttle service to the Clark County Fair from the following locations:

  • Vancouver Mall Transit Center  Service begins at noon each day
  • 99th Street Transit Center  Service begins at noon each day
  • Fisher’s Landing Transit Center  Service begins at 12:30 p.m. each day
  • Battle Ground  Service begins at 12:30 p.m. each day
  • La Center Park & Ride  Service begins at 12:30 p.m. each day
  • The last bus departs the Fairgrounds at 11:00 p.m., each evening.

Take C-TRAN and Save $1 on Fair Admission

C-TRAN and The Clark County Fair offer a special discount to passengers who ride C-TRAN Event Shuttles to the Fair. Ride a shuttle and receive a special transfer that provides $1 off your Fair entrance! Discount does not apply to pre-purchased tickets..