September Changes

Several significant service changes took place at the beginning of this month, affecting service on the following routes:

  • Route 2 Lincoln uses Kaufmann instead of Columbia, with a minor reroute in downtown Vancouver.
  • Route 3 City Center is discontinued. Portions replaced with a modified Route 39.
  • Route 4 Fourth Plain no longer serves Delta Park or Jantzen Beach. Passengers can board new Route 60 for continued service across the Columbia River. Route uses McLoughlin and Fort Vancouver Way instead of Fourth Plain. West of Fort Vancouver Way see Route 6. Minor reroute in downtown Vancouver.
  • NEW! Route 6 Fruit Valley/Grand operates on Fourth Plain between Fruit Valley and Grand—replaces portions of Route 25 in Fruit Valley and Route 3 near Grand Central. Service provided every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 60 minutes on weekends.
  • Route 7 Battle Ground is rerouted from 76th Street to use 117th Avenue, between 76th Street and Fourth Plain. For service on Covington and 102nd Avenue, see Route 72.
  • Route 19 Salmon Creek is rerouted to serve the western edge of WSU’s Vancouver campus. It also now serves 20th Avenue via 159th Street. This route combines with Route 25 on Saturdays and Sundays to provide 60-minute frequency on the weekends.
  • Route 25 no longer serves Fruit Valley. This route operates on NE 99th Street, and no longer serves Highway 99, NE 88th Street, or 25th Avenue. Route also has new routing in downtown Vancouver. Service is every 30 minutes except evenings and weekends when it operates hourly.
  • Route 32 has minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver
  • Route 37 alternates trips between 164th and 192nd avenue travel corridors, with both providing service to/from Fisher’s Landing Transit Center. Route has minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver. Route provides 15-minute frequency on weekdays, 20-minute frequency on Saturdays, and 30-minute frequency on Sundays.
  • Route 38 merged into Route 37 and is discontinued.
  • Route 39 no longer serves stops south of Fourth Plain Blvd. Serves Plomondon/Stapleton, Fourth Plain, St. Johns Blvd, Grand, 33rd Street, and Columbia to downtown Vancouver. Service extended to Saturdays and Sundays, with 60-minute frequency all days of the week.
  • Route 41: No Change
  • Route 44 is discontinued. Portions replaced by new Route 74
  • Route 47: No Change
  • NEW! Route 60 provides service between downtown Vancouver and Delta Park. Route stops at Jantzen Beach on northbound trips until noon each day, then on southbound trips for the remainder of the service day. Route provides 15-minute frequency most of the day, with 30-minute frequency late night weekdays, as well as early morning/late night on weekends. Route 60 operates the same span of service as the Route 4 portion it replaces. All-Zone fare required.
  • Route 65 has three earlier trips added in the mornings, with minor schedule adjustments in the afternoons.
  • Route 71: No Change
  • Route 72 is rerouted to serve the Five Corners area, with frequency adjusted to every 30 minutes during the peak, and every 60-minutes during non-peak, Saturday and Sunday.
  • NEW! Route 74: replaces a portion of Route 44, east of Vancouver Mall, with 60 minute frequency seven days a week.
  • Route 78: No Change
  • Route 80 is rerouted from Park Crest to 136th Avenue and McGillivray Boulevard.
  • Route 92 has minor schedule adjustments to the last three trips on Saturday.
  • Route 105 has minor rerouting in downtown Vancouver. Express fare now required for travel within C-Zone and Portland destinations.
  • Route 134: No Change
  • Route 157: No Change
  • Route 164: No Change
  • Route 177: No Change
  • Route 190: No Change
  • Route 199:  No Change
  • Camas Connector: No Change
  • Ridgefield/La Center Connector: No Change

Downtown Vancouver Routing
Buses in downtown Vancouver will travel southbound on Washington Street, just south of McLoughlin, rather than on Broadway as they currently do. Buses will continue to use Broadway for northbound travel.

Printed Schedules

All individual paper schedules have been replaced by the Riders Digest, available for free through September 18. After that, the cost is just $1. All route information, including new schedules and maps are available online at For more information, including free trip planning, please call the C-TRAN Customer Service Office at (360) 695-0123.

Fare Changes for September 1, 2016

Several significant changes took effect this month including the requirement to pay fares that are equal to the service you ride. For instance, all buses that exit C-Zone and cross the Columbia River to serve Delta Park, Jantzen Beach, and Parkrose now require an All-Zone fare. Those routes include: Route 60 Delta Park Limited and Route 65 Parkrose Limited. Also, all Express service now requires an Express fare, regardless of where you are traveling. This includes Route 105 with service between the Salmon Creek Park & Ride and downtown Vancouver.

The age requirement to qualify for a Youth fare has changed from ages 7–18 to ages 7–17. Students who are 18 but still enrolled in high school, can simply show their current school issued photo ID to purchase a Youth fare.

Youth and Honored Citizen monthly fares have decreased. The cost for either a C-Zone or All-Zone monthly pass is now just $28. The All-Zone Day Pass for Youth and Honored Citizens has increased from $2 to $2.50.