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Getting to and from work can be tough when having to fight traffic every day. This is why one group of Vancouver commuters decided to take advantage of Vanpool.

C-TRAN’s Vanpool program will provide a van to a group of five to 12 people who share the same commute to and from work. They split the costs of the Vanpool fare, and are assigned certain roles. C-TRAN covers the rest, including gas, vehicle maintenance and insurance.

Eric Keerbs has been riding Vanpool for more than 10 years, and helped set up the first Vanpool in Vancouver. Keerbs prefers Vanpool because it is a more direct way of getting to and from work, and provides him with a very consistent schedule.

Keerbs, along with his group of commuters, meet in the morning at an agreed upon location where the van can be accessed. The primary driver, which in this case is Keerbs, will take them to work and back. At the end of the day they will drop the van off at the original departure location.

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Eric Keerbs, far left, has been a Vanpool rider for more than 10 years. "Having a Vanpool is like having a family," he says.

Vanpool offers an affordable ride, a relaxing commute, and less wear and tear on a personally owned vehicle. Riding Vanpool also helps to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Keerbs, riding Vanpool is an easier way to get from his home in Battle Ground, to work at Swan Island in Portland. Vanpool is quicker than taking the bus and more affordable than driving a personal car. The commute takes about an hour, but the atmosphere in the van is always fun and makes the time pass quickly.

The morning ride for this Vanpool group usually consists of casual conversations about work. Music is also played in the morning, with anything from classical and jazz, to heavy metal and a little bit of country. In the afternoon some of the riders enjoy a nap, and others relax through the ride.

Keerbs takes Vanpool three to five times a week. When he is not there, a secondary driver fills in. Another rider plays the role of bookkeeper, which means keeping track of mileage and gas receipts.

“Having a Vanpool is like having a family. You want to keep in touch with one another”, says Keerbs.

Keerbs has commuted using alternate modes of transportation his whole life, and enjoys everything that the Vanpool program has to offer. His group is currently looking for two more riders to share their commute with.

Interested in joining a Vanpool, or starting your own? More information on C-TRAN’s Vanpool program can be found here.

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