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Transit employees don’t have an easy job. They just make it look that way.

On March 18, we’re joining in national Transit Employee Appreciation Day to celebrate everyone involved in this essential service.

Drivers are the most visible transit workers in any community. They’re the people behind the wheel who make sure you safely get where you need to go. They answer customer questions. They navigate constantly changing road and traffic conditions every day. Multitasking, needless to say, is a job requirement.

But don’t forget the other transit professionals who work behind the scenes to keep any operation humming, including C-TRAN:

Customer service representatives are the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. They’re the friendly face at the window. Got a question? Need help planning your trip or booking a C-VAN ride? Lost something on a bus? They’ll get you the info you need with poise and grace.

Maintenance workers are the crew that keeps the fleet ready to roll. They’re the mechanics and technicians who take care of preventative maintenance, repairs and everything in between. They’re the service workers who keep our vehicles cleaned and sanitized on route throughout the day, then cleaned again top to bottom every night. They’re the facilities crew that keeps our transit centers, Vine stations and bus stops in top shape. At C-TRAN, our Maintenance department is a 24/7 operation.

Dispatchers and field supervisors are the group that supports our drivers and others on the street. They’re in constant contact over the radio to make sure their colleagues and riders have what they need. They’re in the C-TRAN dispatch center keeping tabs on every vehicle in real time, sometimes juggling service impacts and bus reassignments on the fly.

Administrative employees run the gamut. They’re the data and project management teams helping us become smarter as an agency. They’re the finance team ensuring we’re responsible stewards for the community that supports us. They’re the communication team making sure that community is informed—and heard. They’re the human resources team supporting colleagues behind the scenes. They’re the service planning team looking to the future. They’re the CEO and Executive team leading the way.

It takes everyone to make this operation work. Join us in thanking the folks who believe in transit enough to make it their profession. Want to send your own message? Go to and leave a note for your favorite C-TRAN worker. We’ll make sure they receive it when we celebrate the important work they do on March 18.

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