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Taco Photo main Super Taco's express taco (left) and carne asada taco (right)

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we invite you to join us on a taco tour of Vancouver. When you think of tacos, Vancouver may not be the first place that pops into your head. If you haven’t checked out some of the local offerings, you’re missing out! Vancouver is home to some fantastic restaurants serving up incredible Mexican cuisine.

Cinco de Mayo is commonly mistaken for the Mexican Day of Independence. The holiday actually memorializes the Battle of Puebla, where an outnumbered Mexican army defeated the French in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is primarily celebrated in Puebla, where the battle occurred, but is popular in the United States as well. Celebrations saw a surge in popularity in the U.S. during the Chicano movement of the 1960s, and again in the ‘80s and ‘90s when commercialization of the holiday really took off.

The Fourth Plain corridor is the heart of a bustling Mexican food scene, but you are sure to find something tasty in any corner of the city. Our featured restaurants have everything from mouthwatering al pastor to handmade tortillas. If you need help getting there, we have your back.

El Grullense 

Location: 4409 NE 78th St., Vancouver (Routes 25, 78)

Available for: Takeout

Menu MVP: “I love the asada tacos at El Grullense. They are fresh and full of flavor. I really like the pickled carrots and jalapenos that they serve as well.” -Kate

Little Conejo

Location: 114 W 6th St., Vancouver (Routes 2, 30, 71, The Vine) 

Available for: Dine-in and takeout

Menu MVP: “The oyster mushroom taco is popular for a reason. I love that they offer a meatless option that is still packed with flavor. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also really inviting—it’s full of plants and rustic touches that make it feel cozy.” -Kayla

Los Alambres

Location: 6331 E Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver (Route 37)

Available for: Dine-in and takeout

Menu MVP: “The Taco del Barrio is amazing. I mean, it’s French fries on a taco—what more could you ask for?” -Kelli

Su Casa Marquez

Location: 5406 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver (The Vine)

Available for: Delivery, dine-in and takeout 

Menu MVP: “The pupusas here are really good; my favorite is the cheese with chicharron. The food is a mix of Salvadorian and Mexican. They also offer one of the latest street foods from Mexico, quesabirria which is a taco with cheese and birria inside.” -Mayra

Super Taco

Location: 9709 NE Highway 99, Vancouver (Routes 71, 78)

Available for: Delivery and takeout 

Menu MVP: “Super Taco is fast, consistent, and delicious. It’s the type of place you’d find in Southern California. I love their bean and cheese burritos, and my husband is a big fan of their lengua tacos. Their pico is also amazing.” -Julyla

Taqueria Dulce Tentacion

Location: 3220 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver (The Vine)

Available for: Takeout

Menu MVP: “The al pastor here is out of this world. You can watch them roast it right outside of the building. Their hours are limited, but it’s worth finding the time to visit.” -Rosa

Taqueria Market

Location: 11505 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Suite F5, Vancouver (Routes 7, 74)

Available for: Takeout

Menu MVP: “Tacos are a popular item here, but I typically go for the veggie tostada. I’m vegan and they are always super accommodating and friendly customizing my meal. They also have amazing spicy salsa. It’s definitely a hidden gem in Vancouver!” -Cherish


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