Transit is C-TRAN’s official mobile app for trip planning and real-time information. It provides a powerful tool that makes travel seamless for users across multiple modes. Among Transit’s features for C-TRAN riders:

  • Up-to-the-minute arrival times for every C-TRAN route at any stop, based on the actual location of the vehicle
  • Vehicle location feed showing real-time bus location along the route 
  • An easy-to-use trip planning tool to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently
  • Step-by-step directions on the fly using Transit’s “GO” feature, so you’ll know where to get on and off
  • Integrated trip planning with real-time arrivals for both C-TRAN and TriMet on regional trips
  • Real-time info from other transit systems and services, no matter where you’re traveling
  • Saved favorite routes and locations for easy access to alerts and directions
  • C-TRAN-specific rider alerts within the app, customizable to the routes you’re interested in

Transit is available to download in the Apple app store and Google Play. Thousands of C-TRAN riders use Transit, and our C-TRAN/Transit partnership provides additional features for current and future users.

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The Current now available in the Transit app!

The Current is now integrated in Transit, C-TRAN’s official app. That means riders can use Transit to seamlessly plan trips that combine The Current and C-TRAN’s fixed-route service.

The Current is C-TRAN’s new on-demand service, offering both door-to-door service within five service areas, and connections to the rest of the C-TRAN system. Riders can use Transit to plan a trip in the app, then link directly to The Current app to request their ride. The Current app was developed in partnership with Spare Labs.

Thousands of C-TRAN riders use Transit to get around Clark County every month. When a user enters a destination, Transit suggests itineraries that feature The Current for either point-to-point service or as part of a multimodal trip plan that connects on-demand service with C-TRAN’s fixed-route network. With just one tap in Transit, users can seamlessly connect to The Current app and request a ride.

This marks another successful collaboration between Transit and Spare, an industry leader in on-demand transit solutions. A growing number of transit agencies are looking to microtransit as a means to complement traditional fixed-route service and extend the reach of their network, and this collaboration between C-TRAN, Spare and Transit brings the power of on-demand transportation to riders’ fingertips.