Measuring Spoons


C-TRAN is in the midst of one of the most important and transformative times in our agency’s history. After years of planning and preparation, we launched The Vine on Mill Plain, bringing improved transit service and access to a crucial corridor in our community. It was an occasion worth celebrating. Hundreds of community members, local and national leaders celebrated with us.

But we’re not done yet.

Also in 2023, C-TRAN continued to lay the groundwork for future Vine corridors along Highway 99, East Fourth Plain and 162nd/164th Avenue. We made rapid progress on a major expansion of our Operations and Maintenance facility to meet current and future needs. We introduced our first battery-electric buses, setting the stage for C-TRAN’s zero-emission future. We joined dozens of community events celebrating the places and gatherings we love. And we saw large gains in ridership in 2023—a testament to the importance of public transportation in Clark County and its future.

Through it all, we remember that public transportation is so much more than routes and schedules. It’s about relationships. It’s about community engagement. It’s about providing access to opportunities, and doing everything we can to make Clark County a better place to live. This is Our Community, Our Promise.

Shawn Donaghy
Shawn M. Donaghy
Chief Executive Officer, C-TRAN
Ron Onslow
Ron Onslow
2023 Chair, C-TRAN Board of Directors