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C-TRAN’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CCAC) is comprised of volunteers who represent a broad spectrum of C-TRAN riders and stakeholder groups within the C-TRAN service and taxing boundary. The committee meets monthly to advise the C-TRAN Board of Directors on transit and paratransit policies, programs, plans, and other related issues to help improve transit service for our region. More information can be found in the committee's bylaws.

Have an issue or idea you'd like to share with C-TRAN? Contact your CCAC representative.

  • Harry Kiick

    Harry Kiick

    Fixed Route Rider Representative
  • Judy Tiffany

    Judy Tiffany

    Senior Citizen Representative
  • Patrick Torres

    Patrick Torres

    Environmental Community Representative
  • Richard Gill

    Richard Gill

    At-Large Representative
  • Bill Baumann

    Bill Baumann

    Social Services Representative
  • Amy Elkinton

    Amy Elkinton

    C-VAN Rider Representative
  • Vacant


    Deaf Representative
  • Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia

    At-Large Representative
  • Bradley Cole

    Bradley Cole

    Bi-State Commuter Representative
  • Dave Carl

    Dave Carl

    Developmentally Disabled Rider Representative
  • Irwin Ho

    Irwin Ho

    Student/Youth Rider Representative
  • Mario Eiland

    Mario Eiland

    Visually Impaired Representative
  • Yvonne Gaylord

    Yvonne Gaylord

    School Administration Representative
  • Vacant


    At-Large Representative
  • Michael Walker

    Michael Walker

    Business Community Representative
  • 1

Become a Member

CCAC members can serve up to two, 2-year terms (for a total of four consecutive years), and must be willing to commit up to two hours per month to attend committee meetings. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please print and complete this application, then email it or mail it to the address listed. Once it’s received, the CCAC will review your application as openings become available that you are qualified to represent. Applications to join the CCAC in 2022 are due by November 1, 2021.

Attend a Meeting

TheCCAC meets on the last Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. CCAC meetings are currently being held virtually due to health guidelines. Agendas and meeting links will be posted to this page in advance of each meeting.