Personal Care Attendant (PCA) on C-VAN

Under the ADA, C-TRAN can require eligible individuals to indicate whether they travel with a PCA as part of the initial eligibility certification process.

A PCA is someone who is assisting the eligible person with a daily life activity that is affected by the person’s disability. A PCA does not always have to be the same person. C-VAN drivers are not PCAs, nor does the ADA require C-TRAN to provide you with one.

One PCA may ride free when traveling with you. They must get on and off the vehicle with you at the same place(s) and times. If you cancel your ride(s), the PCA cannot take the trip, even if they are a current eligible C-VAN customer.

Children on C-VAN

Children may ride C-VAN if accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

The rider is responsible for providing and use of compatible car seats with the safety belts on C-TRAN’s vehicles. Children accompanying the ride must be added to the reservation when the ride is booked. Children will not be added to the reservation on the same day of the ride.

Children six and under may ride free with a fare-paying adult. Children older than six must pay the regular fare.

Companions on C-VAN

One companion can travel with you but must be added when the ride reservation is booked. Additional companions may ride at the discretion of C-TRAN when there is space available on the vehicle. Companions must be added to the reservation when the ride is booked. Companions will not be added to the reservation on the same day of the ride.

Companions must pay the regular adult fare when riding C-VAN service.

Service Animals on C-VAN

Service animal(s) are always allowed on C-TRAN services. Service animals have been trained to perform a specific task or duty for their owner. Multiple service animals are allowed access to the bus/vehicle (each animal may perform separate tasks.) The operator can ask if it is a service animal and what task they perform. The animal(s) must always be under control of the rider. Please notify the reservationist at the time of booking your trip if you plan to bring your service animal with you.

Pets and Comfort/Emotional Support animals are allowed on C-TRAN but must be contained in a pet carrier to ride our service. “Comfort/Emotional Support” animals provide comfort to their owner but have not been trained to perform a specific task.

Guest Eligibility

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) C-TRAN provides complimentary C-VAN service for visitors or Guest Eligibility. A visitor is an individual with a disability who does not reside in the jurisdiction(s) served by the public entity. C-TRAN provides guest eligibility to individuals with a disability for 21 days during any 365-day period, beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service. If you continue to need service in the city you are visiting, you may be asked to apply for service according to its eligibility process.

If you are visiting Clark County, and you are a person with a disability, you can call the C-VAN ride reservation line at 360-695-8918, and let a customer service representative know that you need Guest Service. In accordance with the ADA, C-TRAN will process your request for guest service within 24 hours of the verbal request.

Visiting another city?

If you wish to receive service from another paratransit company while visiting that city, please contact C-VAN ride reservation at 360-695-8918. Please provide the customer service representative with a valid fax or email for the transit agency and your ADA eligibility will be sent for you.