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Hop Fastpass: Ease. Security. Value.

Experience the benefits of Hop Fastpass and earn passes as you ride. Purchase your card for only $3 at C-TRAN Customer Service and TriMet Ticket offices. Visit www.myhopcard.com for more information. 

Current Fares

We accept cash and Hop cards, plus contactless payment via credit/debit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
RIDER CATEGORY FREQUENCY Local Regional Express to Portland C-VAN
Adult Per Ride $1.25 $2.50 $3.00 $1.25
Cap Per Day $4.25 $5.00 $6.00 $4.25
Cap Per Month $62 $100 $105 $59
Honored Per Ride $.60 $1.25 $3.00 ($1.50 non-peak) N/A
Cap Per Day $2.50 $2.50 $6.00 N/A
Cap Per Month $28 $28 $105 N/A
Reduced Per Month $31 N/A N/A N/A
*Youth Per Ride FREE $1.25 $3.00 FREE
Cap Per Day FREE $2.50 $6.00 FREE
Cap Per Month FREE $28 $105 FREE

Transfers to TriMet: Regional or Express Hop card payments are accepted. Passengers paying with cash are required to purchase an additional Regional fare when boarding TriMet. TriMet no longer accepts paper transfers or cash upgrades.

*Youth (18 and under): Anyone who is 18 years and younger can ride C-TRAN Local services for free including fixed-route, C-VAN paratransit (certain restrictions apply), The Current microtransit and Vanpool services. Additional charges apply if transferring to Regional and Express service, or to other transit systems. Operators may request to see ID for those who appear older than 18. In those cases, a valid student photo ID, state issued photo ID or Youth Hop photo ID can be used to verify age. 

Adult (19+) Regional fares that are paid with Hop allow you to ride Local and Regional services at no additional charge once you've reached the daily maximum of $5 or monthly maximum of $100. If you transfer to C-TRAN Express or TriMet LIFT using a Regional fare, you'll be charged the price difference for a single fare.  

Honored Citizen (senior, disabled and Medicare recipients) fares that are paid with Hop let you ride Local and Regional services at no additional charge once you've reached the daily maximum of $2.50 or monthly maximum of $28. If you transfer to C-TRAN Express, C-VAN paratransit or TriMet LIFT using an Honored Citizen fare, you'll be charged the price difference for a single fare.

C-VAN passengers who transfer to Local or Regional fixed-route services will be charged an Honored Citizen fare at the time of transfer. C-VAN passengers who transfer to an Express bus will be charged the full adult Express fare at the time of transfer; however, a 50% discount on Express fares is available for Honored Citizens who ride weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please see the fixed-route fare grid for more information.

Note: C-VAN transitioned to Hop Card and cash payments on November 1, 2020. C-TRAN does not issue cash refunds or offer exchanges for unused fares.

Discounted Fares and ID Cards: C-TRAN offers discounted fares for those who qualify under one of the following categories:

  • Reduced (income restrictions apply)
  • Youth (18 years of age and younger)
  • Honored (Senior, disabled riders and Medicare recipients)
  • Attendant (for those who assist Honored riders)
  • Heroes (Active Duty and Veterans)

To learn more about each discount category, or to get the qualification process started, please fill out the application in the link below and either bring it to our Customer Service Office or email it to [email protected]. If you cannot print a copy, please visit our offices, and we will provide one for you.

Application for C-TRAN Discounted Fare ID Card
If your application is approved, C-TRAN will issue you a Hop ID card that allows for the purchase of discounted fares. Hop ID card pick-up and proof of eligibility must be done in person, as payment and verification of identity through photo ID are required. Please get in touch with Customer Service at 360-695-0123 for more information.

Additional Information

  • Day passes are valid only through the remainder of that service day.
  • Some riders may qualify for discounted fares not shown here. For more information please contact our Customer Service Office at (360)  695-0123.
  • Employer programs and other pass programs are available. Please call (360) 695-0123 for information. 
  • Any old and unused punch cards and passes are no longer valid on C-TRAN fixed route and are not eligible for cash refunds or exchange for value onto a Hop card.

Fare Collection

  • All passengers must pay the appropriate full fare for the service they're riding. Failure to pay may lead to arrest or exclusion.
  • 2.5-hour transfers issued for all Hop card fare payments. 
  • 2.5 hour transfers issued for Regional and Express cash payments.
  • No transfers issued for cash or Hop card payments made on C-VAN paratransit.
  • Local routes accept Local, Regional and Express fares.
  • Regional routes that cross the Columbia River and serve Jantzen Beach, Parkrose/Sumner Transit Center and the Delta Park/Vanport MAX station accept Regional and Express fares.  
  • Express service to downtown Portland accepts Express fares only; however Honored Citizens can receive a 50% discount on routes #105 and #164 weekdays between the hours of 9 AM–3 PM with valid ID. 
  • All TriMet services including MAX, buses and LIFT, accept Adult Regional and Express fares. 

Category Definitions

Adult = Riders 19+
Honored = Riders 65+, Medicare recipients or have a qualifying disability. Valid ID required.
Youth = Riders who are 18 years of age and younger.  

Zone Map

Farezone Map web 2017 09

Our Customer Service Office is located at: Vancouver Mall Transit Center


Fare Policy
Click here for a complete description of our different types of services, fares and ridership requirements.

Check Writing Policy
When purchasing fares with a personal check, C-TRAN requires the following:

  • Check must be payable to C-TRAN;
  • Written for amount of purchase only;
  • Preprinted with the name and address;
  • Accompanied with a current state identification card or driver's license. Address and name on check and ID must match.

Failure to comply may mean denial of your purchase. C-TRAN also accepts Visa and MasterCard payments.