To ensure a safe and pleasant ride for everyone, the following general rules apply:

  • Make seats available to seniors, persons with disabilities, and other riders when needed.
  • Do not smoke (including electronic cigarettes), eat, drink, litter, or disturb other C-TRAN riders.
  • Stand behind the white or yellow line at the front of the bus near the driver after paying your fare.
  • Avoid unnecessary conversation with the operator.
  • Adequately wrap and contain any article with an offensive odor or of a spillable nature.
  • Children are not allowed to stand on seats or play on safety bars and handrails.
  • Report any unattended items, graffiti or other vandalism to the driver or a Customer Service Representative at (360) 695-0123. Try to get the four-digit bus number before calling.
  • In the event of an emergency, while riding a C-TRAN bus, please follow the instructions of the operator.

The following are not allowed on C-TRAN buses, at Park and Rides or Transit Centers:

  • Flammable, explosive, or hazardous materials.
  • Illegal weapons.
  • Disturbing drivers or riders with loud, harmful, or harassing behavior.
  • Spitting.
  • Defacing or damaging property.
  • Refusing to pay proper fare.
  • Boarding without wearing a shirt or shoes.
  • Using tobacco or electronic cigarettes.
  • Putting feet on seats.
  • Littering on any C-TRAN bus or property.
  • Playing sound equipment without earphones.
  • Sleeping, laying down or occupying more than one seat.
  • Any violation of federal, state, or municipal law.

Violations of these rules as well as those found in the Unlawful Bus Conduct (RCW 9.91.025) may result in refusal of service or arrest. Protect your right to ride!

Service Animals on C-TRAN

Service animals are always allowed on C-TRAN and C-VAN. Service animals have been trained to perform a specific task or duty for their owner. Multiple service animals are allowed access to the bus (each animal may perform a special task.) The operator is allowed to ask if it is a service animal and what task they perform. The animals must be under control of the customer at all times, may not act aggressively toward people or other animals, and must be housebroken. The animal’s owner is responsible for any damage or soiling caused by the service animal.

Comfort/emotional support animals are allowed on C-TRAN and C-VAN, but must be contained in a pet carrier in order to ride our services. Comfort/emotional support animals provide comfort to their owner, but have not been trained to perform a specific duty or task.

C-VAN Riders: Please notify the reservationist at the time you book your ride if you plan to have your service animal accompany you.

Carry-On Items

  • C-TRAN drivers may refuse to allow articles on board that could create a nuisance or cause harm.
  • Drinks and food must be in spill proof containers.
  • No eating allowed on the bus.
  • Other large objects may be allowed at the discretion of the operator. For specific information regarding aluminum cans, bottles and folding shopping carts, see below.
  • Aisles and doorways must be kept clear at all times.
  • Children must be removed from strollers while aboard the bus.
  • Strollers must be folded and kept out of the bus aisle and in the control of the owner.

Aluminum Cans and Bottles

  • As of September 16, 2018, riders may no longer bring empty cans and bottles onto C-TRAN buses due to continued sanitation and safety concerns.

Folding Grocery Carts

  • Customers with folding grocery carts may use the lift or ramp to board.
  • The customer is responsible for not creating an obstacle for other passengers while on-board the bus. The carts cannot block the aisle and must fit between the seats.
  • If possible, the customer shall fold grocery cart(s) and store it out of the aisle.
  • Grocery carts that are not folded must be held by the customer between the seats in a secure manner during transport.