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Burgers in the summer?  Nothing can beat the comfort of a juicy patty, served with your personal preference in toppings, and occasionally a variety of french fries of your choice. With the summer in full swing and weather heating up, it is once again that time of year to kick back, and reward yourself by grabbing America's favorite sandwich, a hamburger. Whether you’re on your usual commute from work, lunch break, or simply taking a bus ride throughout Vancouver, C-TRAN has your 2019 summer guide for the best spots to cool down, relax, and relish in the patty of your choice.

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Gorilla Grill

With two locations, including one in Vancouver, these burgers tout themselves as “the best burgers in town.” Customize the burger of your dreams, and enjoy it!

Location: 7107 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver (Routes 32 and 78)



Originally from Vancouver, this “fancy” fast food chain offers a menu you can’t pass up, with a variety of locations throughout the C-TRAN system.


  • 2200 E Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver (Route 39 and The Vine)
  • 8320 NE Vancouver Plaza Drive, Vancouver (The Vine)
  • 7401 E Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver (Route 37)
  • 11704 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver  (Route 37)
  • 10903 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver  (Routes 7, 74 and 80)
  • 9909 NE Highway 99, Vancouver (Routes 19, 25, 71 and 78)
  • 16416 SE McGillivray Blvd., Vancouver (Routes 30 and 37)
  • 6700 NE 162nd Ave., Building A, Vancouver (Route 74)


Crave Grille

With a fair price range, Crave Grille provides an emphasis on quality from the kobe beef used for the patties, to the variety of cocktails and happy hour menu deals. Located just east of State Route 500, Route 74 is your best bet for a place you can’t miss.

Location: 13025 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. #104, Vancouver (Route 74)


Killer Burger

Originally founded in Portland, this chain is growing, and growing fast!  Now with two locations in Vancouver, this terrific option for patties is one you can’t pass up.  Bottomless fries and gluten free options are available here as well. 


  • 616 NE 81st St., Vancouver (Route 31)
  • 1525 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver (Routes 30 and 37)


Five Guys

This continuously growing franchise started in Washington, D.C. and has since created a worldwide following. Yet, this growth hasn’t stopped Five Guys from serving up some of the best burgers you can find anywhere in town. It isn’t necessarily fast food, but the food does come out fast, and in high quantity and quality. Create your own burger, and be sure to try the Cajun fries, or pre-meal peanuts that you may toss on the floor as you please.


  • 310 NE 78th St., Vancouver (Route 31)
  • 19171 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver (Route 37)


K & M Drive-In

Located in Camas, this place is worth the trip. Locally sourced, and popular food are enough of a selling point for most people at this location.

Location: 3414 NE 3rd Ave., Camas (Route 92)


J&J Burgers

Set in the food court of the Vancouver Mall of all places, this burger comes at a great price and high quality. The most surprising of locations can sometimes offer you more than you expect, and no place is a better example than J&J Burgers. 

Location: 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver (Accessible by multiple routes that serve the Vancouver Mall Transit Center)


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